Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Take 5-10 minutes today and write a list of things you are grateful for!

Your List can go on forever.

I love doing this exercise because it makes me feel good and that is what you want to accomplish.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Myths About LOA

Awesome Post By Jeannette Maw...Pay Attention
There are a lot of misconceptions in the general public about the law of attraction.
But even deliberate creators hold misunderstandings about manifesting.
Here are some of my favorite law of attraction myths:
Myth #1 – You’re supposed to feel good or be happy all the time.
That’s not just impossible (for most of us), it’s not even preferable.
For one thing, 24/7 joy would get boring after a while; and for another, contrast is part of the whole creation process.  It’s not only expected that we’ll run into negative emotions, it’s virtuallyrequired.  Without negative experiences and thoughts, we don’t have new desires.  And new desires fuel the whole expansion of life.
While deliberate creators know that bad moods are actually highly beneficial, we also know not to get stuck in them.  We don’t have to be in one for long to get the benefit!
Myth #2 – You can use law of attraction to control life.
Much as you might wish you could get your boyfriend to propose, or husband to get a job, or kid to stop smoking, or neighbor to move – you’re actually only ever in charge of yourself and your vibration.
We don’t use LOA to control others.  We use LOA to manage our own vibration and direct our own life experiences.
If I’m using law of attraction to get others to do things different so I feel better, I’m missing the whole point of vibration management.
Myth #3 – Negative thoughts are bad.
Sometimes negative thoughts are your best ticket to alignment.
When my neighbor once suggested we take revenge on our troublemaker neighbor by slashing the tires on his annoyingly noisey scooter, we burst into laughter at the mere thought of resorting to violence to improve our situation.
That negative thought brought a lot of relief.
Negative thoughts also contribute to our contrast, which as we know fuels expansion.  There’s nothing wrong with having a “bad” thought now and then.
Myth #4 – Manifesting what you want will make you happy.
New Priuses don’t make you happy; marriage proposals can’t make you happy; promotions at work won’t do it either – only YOU can make you happy.
You can manifest a world of things and experiences, but if you don’t find the happy vibe on your own, nothing else will take you there.
Myth #5 – You can create whatever you want.
Much as we like to say we can create whatever we want, the truth is we create whatever webelieve.  That, unfortunately, is sometimes a big difference.
The work of a deliberate creator is to eliminate that difference.  :)

Till Next Time, 

Chip Hambas

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here is an Amazing Post By Jeannette Maw...Thought I'd Share the Love

Louise Hay’s new movie “You Can Heal Your Life” reminds us the power of affirmations.  Byron Katie says affirmations are great except that they don’t work. 
Gene Simmons uses affirmations regularly, as seen on Celebrity Apprentice when he affirms he is a “powerful and attractive man.”  Saturday Night Live’s Stuart Smalley got laughs in the 90′s from his affirmation practice (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!”). 
My Law of Attraction coach taught me years ago that affirmations work if I believe they will.  If I believe they won’t, they won’t.
What’s the scoop?  Do affirmations work, or not?
Here’s what I’ve noticed.  ANY thought we repeat consistently becomes our “truth.” 
We prove things with our minds; we create the truth with our attention to it.  I’ve seen ridiculous things proven simply by the repetition of the thought.   And we are only limited by what we can conceive.  Examples (good and not-so-good):
  • When I had no fat or cellulite to speak of, I kept telling the girls at the office I did (trying to fit in with complainers), and within a couple months I had both!  (This was before I understood the power of affirmations!)
  • When I started my practice with no clients I affirmed I was in high demand, and within months I indeed was. 
  • When my girlfriend spent over a year not having any luck with men or jobs, she began repeating she had an abundance of opportunities before her, and before long her life was filled with new men and job options. 
  • A 13 year old kidnapped girl was told repeatedly by her captor that her name was something else, and when FBI showed up three months later to rescue her, she didn’t recognize her real name. 
And how many of us came to believe we weren’t worth it, as a result of repeated messages from misguided parents?  There couldn’t be a bigger lie than that, and yet we came to believe that one over time.  (That’s a good one to undo!)
I don’t think it matters if it’s a “lie” or not – if we repeat anything long enough, we attract evidence of its “truth” and come to believe it.  
But I could be wrong.  If you think I am, please don’t tell me, because I’ve got a good thing going with affirmations – and I invite you to join me!  
If your past experience with the practice of affirmations has been less than stellar, I invite you to wipe clean that old slate and give them a new try.  If you’re already a huge fan of the practice, post your success story to the Good Vibe blog to inspire and encourage others!
To create your affirmation, first get clear about what you want.  With that outcome in mind, come up with a word or phrase that captures the essence of having achieved that desire.  Another way to think of it is: What do you WANT to be true? 
Example: my boyfriend and I just moved in together, and one of my affirmations to support my desire for a harmonious and rewarding relationship is: “Smart money’s on us.”  For some reason that works better for me than something like, “I now choose to allow healthy and nurturing relationships in my life.”
Once you’ve got a combination of words that takes you to the feeling place of your realized desire, the next step is to get those words in your head!  Whether you read them, write them, say them out loud, listen to them on a recording – doesn’t matter.  Just get them in your brain – often and repeatedly!
I accomplish it by simply putting colored sticky notes in my office.  I figure if repeated and consistent exposure works for billboard advertisers, it’ll work for me!
Many others find wonderful success by writing a page of them out each night, or recording their own voice repeating the phrase and listening to it as they drift to sleep.  Follow your instinct and do what you’re inspired to play with.
Here are a couple of weight loss affirmations I enjoyed from Michael Neill:
  • Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
  • I feel energized and alive throughout the day
  • The more I speak my truth, the thinner I get
Louise Hay’s “I love and accept myself just as I am” works wonders for many.  I found “You go, girl!” to be effective for me personally.  Last but not least, you’re bound to love at least one of these Abraham affirmations:
  • All is well.
  • I’m on the right track.
  • I’m doing extremely well.
  • Look how far I have come.
  • Aren’t I having a good time.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if …
  • I am where I am and all is really well.
  • Things are going well for me.
  • Things always work out for me.
  • Life is really good for me.
  • There is no place I’m supposed to be that I am not.
  • I am moving into what I am wanting.
If inspired, read more on using affirmations effectively.  Let me know if you’d like additional assistance in making your dreams come true, but don’t be surprised if all you need is a little help from a handy affirmation!  Enjoy!

(Great Stuff Jeannette)

Have Fun Everyone

Chip Hambas

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If you want to increase the amount of money you have in the bank then give some of it away. This idea, known as "tithing" has been around since the beginning of time. It is referenced in all religions and is very powerful.

Typically the amount to give away is 10% of what you earn, regardless of where the money came from. You win $500, give away $50. You receive that check every two weeks from your employer for $1000, give away $100.

The key is to not just turn around and give it to just anyone. Give it to someone who makes you happy. This is someone who lifts your spirits up and enhances your life. It does not have to be anyone you know. You could have read a great book that gave you inspiration that week and therefore the author is who you would give the money to. It could be your friend would told you something a few weeks ago and you remembered how it made you want to be a better person. Tithe to them. Is your God your source of inspiration this week? Give it to your Church/Mosque/Temple. Don't believe in God (V)... Think of someone who makes you want to be a better person and give it to them.

The possibilities are endless.

 There is a difference between charity and tithing. You want to help someone out, thats charity. This does not count. You can give to charities and people who need and that is great, but that does not count toward your tithe.

Now you must be wondering why you are giving 10% of what you have received away. What you give out, you get back multiplied by 10. You give out hate, expect it back 10 times that amount. Give out Love, expect it back 10 times that amount. Give out $100, expect back $1000. $10 gets $100. $1 gets $10. You have nothing to lose. The universe rewards you for what you put out. Try it and see.

All the Best,

Chip Hambas

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Attitude Of Gratitude

It is very simple. Be grateful for what you have and more things to be grateful for will come to you. More situations to be grateful for will bless your existence. Everything that I have been talking about is simple. It's the conscious application which means repeatedly doing these things over and over until they become subconsciously programed that is the part where everyone has difficulty. Those that stick with it and push though and break the barrier see the side of bliss we all want. Some quit. Which one will you be?

Start now and write a list of as many things as you can to be grateful for. It can be the toothbrush you have, or the nice comfy socks you love to wear to bed. The stuffed animal your girlfriend got you or dad's meatballs. It doesn't matter. Every day add to the list. If something repeats, who cares. What happened today that you were grateful for? Write it down. Then tomorrow do it again. You don't have to write it down. Just notice it when you see it or feel it or think about it. Say "I am thankful for" or "I am grateful for" or "Thank You for."

It really doesn't matter how you put it. I love the part in the movie "The Secret" where the man finds himself a nice rock and keeps it in his pocket and whenever he puts his hand in his pocket and feels it, whether intentional or not, he finds something to be grateful for. Now you can do this and put it in your pocket, ladies, you can put it in your purse. But I have a better idea.

How about we all find something we are grateful for when we use our cell phones. I mean how many of us grab our cell phone at least 50 times per day. Can you challenge yourself to say one thing you are grateful for when you go to use it? Ok I challenge you. Like I said before, the difficult part is consciously applying it until is become automatic for you.

Be grateful for anything and everything you can think of in your life...Focusing on that will bring more into your life. It is the same as being happy for the things you have. If you focus on what you don't have and complain you don't have it you will end up causing events in your life to bring you more of what you don't have. Try it for yourself and see. No don't do that. Just focus on the things you have and more will come.

I am grateful for everyone who reads these blog posts.
Bless You All,
Chip Hambas

Wednesday, September 28, 2011