Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Attitude Of Gratitude

It is very simple. Be grateful for what you have and more things to be grateful for will come to you. More situations to be grateful for will bless your existence. Everything that I have been talking about is simple. It's the conscious application which means repeatedly doing these things over and over until they become subconsciously programed that is the part where everyone has difficulty. Those that stick with it and push though and break the barrier see the side of bliss we all want. Some quit. Which one will you be?

Start now and write a list of as many things as you can to be grateful for. It can be the toothbrush you have, or the nice comfy socks you love to wear to bed. The stuffed animal your girlfriend got you or dad's meatballs. It doesn't matter. Every day add to the list. If something repeats, who cares. What happened today that you were grateful for? Write it down. Then tomorrow do it again. You don't have to write it down. Just notice it when you see it or feel it or think about it. Say "I am thankful for" or "I am grateful for" or "Thank You for."

It really doesn't matter how you put it. I love the part in the movie "The Secret" where the man finds himself a nice rock and keeps it in his pocket and whenever he puts his hand in his pocket and feels it, whether intentional or not, he finds something to be grateful for. Now you can do this and put it in your pocket, ladies, you can put it in your purse. But I have a better idea.

How about we all find something we are grateful for when we use our cell phones. I mean how many of us grab our cell phone at least 50 times per day. Can you challenge yourself to say one thing you are grateful for when you go to use it? Ok I challenge you. Like I said before, the difficult part is consciously applying it until is become automatic for you.

Be grateful for anything and everything you can think of in your life...Focusing on that will bring more into your life. It is the same as being happy for the things you have. If you focus on what you don't have and complain you don't have it you will end up causing events in your life to bring you more of what you don't have. Try it for yourself and see. No don't do that. Just focus on the things you have and more will come.

I am grateful for everyone who reads these blog posts.
Bless You All,
Chip Hambas

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dream Building

Ok, lets have some fun. Easy and Simple for everyone to do.

Write down a list of the things you want. Be extreme. Anything and everything you want.

Now get a scrapbook and fill it with pictures of everything you want.
Get posters and pictures and place them in areas of your home or office where you will notice them.

Thats it.

Make it even more interesting and go to the stores and try on that jacket you want. Test Drive the car you want. Go drive by that home you see yourself living in.

Dream Building is a powerful tool. Try it out.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 3 Steps To Manifesting

Here is a quick one for today. Simple and straight to the point. 

1. Define your dream or define your objective. In other words, Know what you want.

2. Construct an event which you believe you will encounter following the fulfillment of the thing you desire. This is an event that implies the fulfillment of your desire.

3. Go sit down or lay down, whichever you prefer and get into a drowsy state of mind. This feeling is similar to being sleepy. You are still conscious of your thoughts in this state. You will know you have gone too far because you will wake up, LOL...Seriously, if you dose off then you went too far. Now, with your eyes closed you must feel yourself mentally into the proposed action until the single sensation of fulfillment is in your mind and dominating it. You MUST imagine the whole time that you are actually performing the action here and now so that in your imagination you experience what you would actually experience in real life as if the goal manifested.

Now the key is to not put a time limit on the thing you desire. Try is on something small as always. This helps build your confidence that it works. Combine it will positivity and happiness and watch your life change. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

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The Land Of Make Believe

Well I would really love to talk a little bit about dream building. Its so much fun and it really gets you in the spirit of prosperity. Too many people have dreams that are unfulfilled. Lets all do something to change that. Go to the store where that really expensive dress you want is and try it on. Sit there an imagine it on and how wonderful it feels. Go to the car dealership and drive the car of your dreams, regardless of the price tag. Then imagine its already yours and you are driving where ever you want. We could go on and on about different things to do, vacations, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. The Point is, you have to get out there and actually experience these things that you desire.

Just the other day I was relaxing on a boat in the middle of a lake (Thank you Steve and Kelly and Kaylee and Marlee) and I have been frequenting a friends boat at a very nice yacht club (Thank You Ken). You see I want a boat. I want a huge boat. A boat that is so big, my whole family could hang out on it and there would still be room for friends. Im talking four jet skis and a tender boat to take me to shore when I park it out there in the ocean on vacations to the Bahamas, Italy, and Greece. I want these things so I experience these things.

It is important to notice that when you start seeing or experiencing more of what you want, that you will soon come to have what it is you desire. The only thing that can stop you is your lack of belief. This must be something that is worked on every day until you are a machine on autopilot. I am always working on this. Now sometimes I do slip and I am always admitting that I will slip here and there. We all do. Just try harder when that happens. Notice it becomes easier and more effortless as you become accustom to putting the time in to work on it.

You have to get out there and dream build. Some of the richest people in the world still do this. They have told me. I kid you not. They are constantly dream building. Get into this habit and you will start to see a shift in your reality. Combine this with being positive as much as you can be and you will see magic happen. Not only will you get what you want, you will want to be more positive as the more positive and happy you are, the more you will get the things you want and record speed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Positivity's Twisted Route

Far too many people in this world are oppressed by others. Whether they believe their government keeps them down or their boss or even their own family. The sad fact is that these people are not limited by what others say or do, but that they have been conditioned from an early age to think certain ways and see life in a certain way. Think back to when you were a child and what your parents talked about. Now notice how so much of your reality consists of the things your parents told you and repeated to you throughout the years. Some of these things include you have to work hard, life isn't supposed to be easy, the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. The truth is that when we recognize these beliefs that have been instilled within up throughout the years and demolish them, we can transform our lives.

Doing that requires a total life change. "If you continue to think how you have always thought you will continue to get what you have always got." When you being to notice the negative things you say to yourself and decide that you are going to take that negative thought, and understand where it came from and why, you will undoubtedly erase it from your belief. Go ahead right now and pick something you have wanted. Something that you feel is out of reach in the moment and tell yourself you want that something. Now notice the thoughts that come up and tell you negative things such as "you can't afford that" or "you're not good enough to have that." Where does that come from? Its programming from your youth all the way up until now.

You have to transform your subconscious to do the things you want and how do we do that. We must consciously tell ourselves it can be done. In fact we must tell ourself its been done and see ourselves doing it. Eventually you will reach a point where that feeling you get when thinking about it is a feeling of happiness because its as if you already have it.

That feeling comes about through repeatedly working at become more and more positive. It is a difficult concept for most to understand because their ego will say "I am Positive." The sad fact is that most of us are not happy, positive people. I can admit that I was not always as positive as I am now and that sometimes I do slip up and have to work at it everyday. And you do too. Eventually it will be automatic and your life will be magical. Im excited for that day.

Now, sometimes there are people in your life who are negative and do not believe in the Law Of Attraction. What they will do is tell you that you are crazy for thinking that your thoughts shape your reality or you are twisted because you think more positive when they have no clue that you are bettering your life. You will notice that these people become more distant to you and that is how you know you have become a more positive person. When you have become as positive as possible, you will notice that those people are out of your life or the ties that held you together or very faint. It is not to say that they are going to completely disappear but that you will not see them anywhere near as much as you did. You will not be around them as much as you did. And You will not talk to them as much as you did.

The hardest thing I have come to realize is that your family is your biggest critic and I am grateful that my family may tease me here and there about me preaching positivity. Simply put, they still listen to what I say though. And yes they may not like to admit it but it does work.

There are those that do not get it though. And it is very hard but maintaining a distance in the most severe cases, ones where your family and friends ridicule you and put you down, is very crucial. You my not want to, but then you might as well give up and go back to your normal life. It has to be done because you have to build yourself up to new heights. Heights that can deal with the ridicule and tormenting as if you are a wall that bounces off their negative words.

What your friends and family need to do is wise up and understand that you want a better life and that if they will not understand and support you then they will not be in your life.

I eliminated friends and did speak to my family about this. For me it was not hard because I know I want a better life and if this is how it has to be done then so be it. I am grateful my family supports me and eventually by you taking a stand, your family will do the same. It my not be in a day or a few weeks but it will happen if they care about you and want you in their lives.

And if not, then know that you made the right choice and watch your life magically unfold before your eyes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Success Breathes Success

When people are introduced to the law of attraction for what they think is the first time, they are quick to go about implementing what they learn. They try and try and don't see what they want manifesting in their lives and quickly dismiss the law as bogus. Well I have news for you. Just like you learn to swing a bat or shoot a ball properly, you must learn the proper way to use the law of attraction to get what it is that you desire.

First you must understand that you may not know that the law of attraction has been used your entire life, but it has. You can not deny it and the sooner you accept that then the quicker it will be for you to knock down the blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your desires. Oh yes, there are blocks. I have mentioned in a past blog, ways for you to remove those blocks.

Second, you are new to this idea and in order to become a master of it you must be willing to master the basics. The best place to start is with something small. Too often people choose to go for their big goals when there is no way they can even see themselves having that goal manifest in the first place. Start with something small, something simple. Shoes, Clothes, a particular book, etc. You decide what it is that you want. And when you manifest whatsoever you chose, then you can pick something that is a little bit bigger to manifest. This is the success cycle. One success, no matter how small breathes success into the next because you have already proven that it is possible.

Now you are on your way. You might be asking how to do this and if you are new to this page, you are in for a treat because Im feeling good today. Lets get right to the steps

Define what you want. Ok, there are plenty of you who are saying "Well Chip, I don't want this" STOPPPP! If you are thinking about what you don't want you will get what you don't want. Don't believe me? Well try it or just think about things you haven't wanted and have gotten. It is no coincidence. Its all because of the Law of Attraction. You thought it into existence. Do this if it makes it easier for you. State what you don't want and write down the opposite of it, hence, that which you do want. Example, I don't want to have crappy friends...noooo...You want friends who respect you and treat you well. Another Example, I don't want to be heavy...noooo....You want to be slim and trim. Weight is a difficult subject because too many people say "I want to lose weight." Well that is incorrect too. WHY? Well I want to lose weight which implies that there is always going to be weight for me to lose. Instead you must state what you do want. I want to have a slim, muscular body." Got It? Not yet you don't. Instead of writing I WANT say I HAVE or I AM because I want means it is not yours yet...You will understand a little more when you get to the step about visualization.

Alright, well you know what you want. Ok, now you have to get rid of those limited beliefs that are holding you back. You know what they are. They come up inside you and tell you some negative comment when you think about your desire. EFT and Several other Tools are available to help you get rid of these beliefs. They work, Trust is a must. You have to do this step, it will change your life.

Next! Visualization. Key...You know that you can close your eyes and imagine anything. Well close your eyes and imagine having what you want AS IF you already have it. That is KEY. Its as if you already have it. You will notice that when you do this you will not want to open your eyes because imagining having what you want feels great. Do it for as long as you want. Some of you will feel as though you have it and for others it will no be that way. Well don't give up. Come back to it before bed and try again, Keep trying. Giving up means living the way you have been and if you're happy with that then what are you doing trying in the first place?

Finally, Detach Yourself from that which you desire. Simple yet very difficult. Just go about your day and be as happy and positive as possible. The more good feelings you give off, the quicker that which you desire will come to you. Before I go, here are some books to read that will help plant seeds of happiness and positivity.

1. The Secret
2. The Power
3. The Magic Of Thinking Big
4. The Magic of Believing.

That should get you started. If you'd like a whole list of books, audios, and videos, get in touch with me.
All The Best In All You Do.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Health

Some people scoff at the idea of using the Law of Attraction to gain better health. Those who are skeptical would sometimes ask "if this law is real then how will it work to bring me good health?" Do you see how illogical this question can be?
First of all, the person asking the question already doesn't believe in the reality of the said law. How can that person even think of the details of that law when he doesn't even consider the whole thing as a possibility? Why deal with the details when you scoff at the core concept?

The people who choose not to believe in the possibility of influencing their health with faculty of their mind are missing out on the actual health benefits that could have been theirs. Nevertheless, people nowadays believe that mental stress leads to poor health. It's pretty ironic that they believe in this concept yet they reject the Law of Attraction when that fact they believe in is part and parcel of the very law they reject.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

One's thoughts, emotions, and perceptions take part in attracting either good health or poor health. The funny thing is that people are given the power to choose either way. Choose one of the two options and reap the results. This said law requires people to identify and really desire good health before good health can be reeled in.

At times, people must be specific about the quality of life and the aspect of their health that they really want. If one wants to lose weight then they must focus their thoughts and emotions on this facet of their overall health. If one is looking for better memory, then it must target it specifically.

The Law Of Attraction also requires people to focus on the outcome and goal of their thoughts and desires. Don't fret so much about how to actually get better health but let the mind and all emotions focus on the actual result.

Well, that doesn't mean that people don't actually have to do anything. By all means, live a healthy life but don't dwell so much on how to get good health but see yourself healthy now, although it is only a fraction of how healthy you eventually can become.

If one desires to lose weight, one should keep their focus on the end result. They should keep their desires and the goal fixed no matter if their current efforts fail at certain times. The key here is to always see the present as a small taste of what the future goal would be like. Never lose sight of the good health that will eventually be yours.

The last thing that is required already comes pretty natural to anyone–do your part. It may sound like a cliché by now but it is a fact that one must be involved in the very thing that should benefit him. Don't expect to get good health when one still practices unhealthy habits. After all, one's real intent, thoughts, and desires are emphatically manifested in one's actions. Taking action is an invaluable part of the Law Of Attraction.

I love the idea of a better world and would love to help anyone and everyone build the life of their dreams. This starts with a better you. Your understanding of the Law Of Attraction will guide you.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I was caught by the urge to know more about Numerology randomly cruising the internet. First of all, the oldest writing in this world dates back to around 4,000 years ago and after extensive research of this discovered artifact, by some of the smartest people in professions such as science and history, they all agree that the oldest writing in the world is about numerology.

Just by knowing your date of birth and name, a numerologist can tell you things about yourself and your life that will amaze you. There are over 900 different calculations that can be performed in one numerology reading. 900!?! Just some of the interesting things you will discover, some of which you already knew, are, how YOUR mind works, your talents and strengths, details about your mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive abilities. The list goes on and on.

Understanding and Implementing the information in your numerology report will change your finances, career, relationship, health, etc. A comprehensive report that gives you a day by day outline of your life for the next few years. Basically making you aware of opportunities in your life before you come to them, even challenges that you must over come in your life time.

How many of you have no clue where you are headed in life? Simply looking at your own numerology report will shed some light on your life, it did for me.|If you want to know where your life is heading in the next few years, get yourself a numerology report. The information in mine blew me away! There are plenty of websites out there that offer them and I have checked out a few and found a Numerologist that Is right on the money with his information. He is so confident he is correct that he tells you about your past as well so that you can see that he is not just taking your money and feeding you hocus pocus. And he offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

On Top of the Report, he gives away a bunch of bonuses that are sure to grab your attention. The connection with phone numbers and your career, information about peoples personalities just by birth dates, multiplying your good luck, a secret to overnight success, the power behind your wardrobe, forecasting relationships, future predictions about your life, palm reading made super simple, and dream manifestation. Along with these 9 reports there are 3 free software programs included that blew me away. Lucky numbers, mini-readings, and lessons on numerology were all included at no extra cost to me and I have to say it was all worth it.

I encourage anyone to take a look at numerology, especially if you are unsure about your life and where it is going and want to get your bearings straight. I was happy I did and you will too. Click Here To Get A Free Mini-Report To Give You An Idea Of What Im Talking About

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Law of Attraction: Love

It is possible to use the Law of Attraction to find that special someone. Finding the love of your life is a dream for almost anyone on this planet. There are people who fear growing old alone and there are those who greatly desire to find that someone who will complete that missing nook in their hearts and lives.

However, before one can use this said law to search for and ultimately attract the one person to stay with you through thick and thin, one must understand how this law will work in finding love and lasting relationships. Understanding the principles behind this law is the key and not just going gung ho on love.

Necessary Steps

There are three things that all people must do in order to allow this law to bring that kind of love that people have been searching all their lives. The steps involved are a kind of self inventory of one's thoughts, actual feelings, and deepest desires rooted deep in them. There is no need to cover up since people will be revealing these things to themselves.

The first step is for people to ask what they really want and what they really desire. People will definitely say they are in search of a love that will last them all their lives. However, in the interest of really using the Law of Attraction to find lasting relationships, one must dig deeper.

People may search their hearts even deeper by asking if this desire for a companion born out of fear – fear of being alone. If the answer is yes, then they are not really looking for that special someone. Their real desire is to escape loneliness in the twilight of their lives. One needs to really asses what they really want in order to attract in order to know if they are really attracting what they want most.

Once people have identified what they really want and hopefully made the right adjustments in their hearts and minds then they should believe in what they are looking for. It is one thing to desire and long for someone and another to believe that they will find that someone. Those who actually believe, and not just desire to obtain what they lack, will eventually find what they have been looking for.

The Law of Attraction requires people to shed their doubts and anchor their desires in finding true love. Note that doubting the outcome will affect the possibility of realization. Though failure is a possibility along the way but doubting the final outcome will ruin the climax after the turmoil. There may be challenges ahead but do not doubt the final outcome–finding the love of your life.

The last requirement is simply to take an active part in the fulfillment of your heart's desires. Don't expect to find your dream bride if you're not squaring yourself to be the dream groom. When a door opens and opportunities come along the way then take it and walk through the door. The Law of Attraction requires our effort in obtaining a love that lasts a lifetime.