Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Myths About LOA

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There are a lot of misconceptions in the general public about the law of attraction.
But even deliberate creators hold misunderstandings about manifesting.
Here are some of my favorite law of attraction myths:
Myth #1 – You’re supposed to feel good or be happy all the time.
That’s not just impossible (for most of us), it’s not even preferable.
For one thing, 24/7 joy would get boring after a while; and for another, contrast is part of the whole creation process.  It’s not only expected that we’ll run into negative emotions, it’s virtuallyrequired.  Without negative experiences and thoughts, we don’t have new desires.  And new desires fuel the whole expansion of life.
While deliberate creators know that bad moods are actually highly beneficial, we also know not to get stuck in them.  We don’t have to be in one for long to get the benefit!
Myth #2 – You can use law of attraction to control life.
Much as you might wish you could get your boyfriend to propose, or husband to get a job, or kid to stop smoking, or neighbor to move – you’re actually only ever in charge of yourself and your vibration.
We don’t use LOA to control others.  We use LOA to manage our own vibration and direct our own life experiences.
If I’m using law of attraction to get others to do things different so I feel better, I’m missing the whole point of vibration management.
Myth #3 – Negative thoughts are bad.
Sometimes negative thoughts are your best ticket to alignment.
When my neighbor once suggested we take revenge on our troublemaker neighbor by slashing the tires on his annoyingly noisey scooter, we burst into laughter at the mere thought of resorting to violence to improve our situation.
That negative thought brought a lot of relief.
Negative thoughts also contribute to our contrast, which as we know fuels expansion.  There’s nothing wrong with having a “bad” thought now and then.
Myth #4 – Manifesting what you want will make you happy.
New Priuses don’t make you happy; marriage proposals can’t make you happy; promotions at work won’t do it either – only YOU can make you happy.
You can manifest a world of things and experiences, but if you don’t find the happy vibe on your own, nothing else will take you there.
Myth #5 – You can create whatever you want.
Much as we like to say we can create whatever we want, the truth is we create whatever webelieve.  That, unfortunately, is sometimes a big difference.
The work of a deliberate creator is to eliminate that difference.  :)

Till Next Time, 

Chip Hambas

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