Thursday, September 15, 2011

Positivity's Twisted Route

Far too many people in this world are oppressed by others. Whether they believe their government keeps them down or their boss or even their own family. The sad fact is that these people are not limited by what others say or do, but that they have been conditioned from an early age to think certain ways and see life in a certain way. Think back to when you were a child and what your parents talked about. Now notice how so much of your reality consists of the things your parents told you and repeated to you throughout the years. Some of these things include you have to work hard, life isn't supposed to be easy, the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. The truth is that when we recognize these beliefs that have been instilled within up throughout the years and demolish them, we can transform our lives.

Doing that requires a total life change. "If you continue to think how you have always thought you will continue to get what you have always got." When you being to notice the negative things you say to yourself and decide that you are going to take that negative thought, and understand where it came from and why, you will undoubtedly erase it from your belief. Go ahead right now and pick something you have wanted. Something that you feel is out of reach in the moment and tell yourself you want that something. Now notice the thoughts that come up and tell you negative things such as "you can't afford that" or "you're not good enough to have that." Where does that come from? Its programming from your youth all the way up until now.

You have to transform your subconscious to do the things you want and how do we do that. We must consciously tell ourselves it can be done. In fact we must tell ourself its been done and see ourselves doing it. Eventually you will reach a point where that feeling you get when thinking about it is a feeling of happiness because its as if you already have it.

That feeling comes about through repeatedly working at become more and more positive. It is a difficult concept for most to understand because their ego will say "I am Positive." The sad fact is that most of us are not happy, positive people. I can admit that I was not always as positive as I am now and that sometimes I do slip up and have to work at it everyday. And you do too. Eventually it will be automatic and your life will be magical. Im excited for that day.

Now, sometimes there are people in your life who are negative and do not believe in the Law Of Attraction. What they will do is tell you that you are crazy for thinking that your thoughts shape your reality or you are twisted because you think more positive when they have no clue that you are bettering your life. You will notice that these people become more distant to you and that is how you know you have become a more positive person. When you have become as positive as possible, you will notice that those people are out of your life or the ties that held you together or very faint. It is not to say that they are going to completely disappear but that you will not see them anywhere near as much as you did. You will not be around them as much as you did. And You will not talk to them as much as you did.

The hardest thing I have come to realize is that your family is your biggest critic and I am grateful that my family may tease me here and there about me preaching positivity. Simply put, they still listen to what I say though. And yes they may not like to admit it but it does work.

There are those that do not get it though. And it is very hard but maintaining a distance in the most severe cases, ones where your family and friends ridicule you and put you down, is very crucial. You my not want to, but then you might as well give up and go back to your normal life. It has to be done because you have to build yourself up to new heights. Heights that can deal with the ridicule and tormenting as if you are a wall that bounces off their negative words.

What your friends and family need to do is wise up and understand that you want a better life and that if they will not understand and support you then they will not be in your life.

I eliminated friends and did speak to my family about this. For me it was not hard because I know I want a better life and if this is how it has to be done then so be it. I am grateful my family supports me and eventually by you taking a stand, your family will do the same. It my not be in a day or a few weeks but it will happen if they care about you and want you in their lives.

And if not, then know that you made the right choice and watch your life magically unfold before your eyes.

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