Friday, September 9, 2011

Success Breathes Success

When people are introduced to the law of attraction for what they think is the first time, they are quick to go about implementing what they learn. They try and try and don't see what they want manifesting in their lives and quickly dismiss the law as bogus. Well I have news for you. Just like you learn to swing a bat or shoot a ball properly, you must learn the proper way to use the law of attraction to get what it is that you desire.

First you must understand that you may not know that the law of attraction has been used your entire life, but it has. You can not deny it and the sooner you accept that then the quicker it will be for you to knock down the blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your desires. Oh yes, there are blocks. I have mentioned in a past blog, ways for you to remove those blocks.

Second, you are new to this idea and in order to become a master of it you must be willing to master the basics. The best place to start is with something small. Too often people choose to go for their big goals when there is no way they can even see themselves having that goal manifest in the first place. Start with something small, something simple. Shoes, Clothes, a particular book, etc. You decide what it is that you want. And when you manifest whatsoever you chose, then you can pick something that is a little bit bigger to manifest. This is the success cycle. One success, no matter how small breathes success into the next because you have already proven that it is possible.

Now you are on your way. You might be asking how to do this and if you are new to this page, you are in for a treat because Im feeling good today. Lets get right to the steps

Define what you want. Ok, there are plenty of you who are saying "Well Chip, I don't want this" STOPPPP! If you are thinking about what you don't want you will get what you don't want. Don't believe me? Well try it or just think about things you haven't wanted and have gotten. It is no coincidence. Its all because of the Law of Attraction. You thought it into existence. Do this if it makes it easier for you. State what you don't want and write down the opposite of it, hence, that which you do want. Example, I don't want to have crappy friends...noooo...You want friends who respect you and treat you well. Another Example, I don't want to be heavy...noooo....You want to be slim and trim. Weight is a difficult subject because too many people say "I want to lose weight." Well that is incorrect too. WHY? Well I want to lose weight which implies that there is always going to be weight for me to lose. Instead you must state what you do want. I want to have a slim, muscular body." Got It? Not yet you don't. Instead of writing I WANT say I HAVE or I AM because I want means it is not yours yet...You will understand a little more when you get to the step about visualization.

Alright, well you know what you want. Ok, now you have to get rid of those limited beliefs that are holding you back. You know what they are. They come up inside you and tell you some negative comment when you think about your desire. EFT and Several other Tools are available to help you get rid of these beliefs. They work, Trust is a must. You have to do this step, it will change your life.

Next! Visualization. Key...You know that you can close your eyes and imagine anything. Well close your eyes and imagine having what you want AS IF you already have it. That is KEY. Its as if you already have it. You will notice that when you do this you will not want to open your eyes because imagining having what you want feels great. Do it for as long as you want. Some of you will feel as though you have it and for others it will no be that way. Well don't give up. Come back to it before bed and try again, Keep trying. Giving up means living the way you have been and if you're happy with that then what are you doing trying in the first place?

Finally, Detach Yourself from that which you desire. Simple yet very difficult. Just go about your day and be as happy and positive as possible. The more good feelings you give off, the quicker that which you desire will come to you. Before I go, here are some books to read that will help plant seeds of happiness and positivity.

1. The Secret
2. The Power
3. The Magic Of Thinking Big
4. The Magic of Believing.

That should get you started. If you'd like a whole list of books, audios, and videos, get in touch with me.
All The Best In All You Do.

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