Monday, August 8, 2011

Be A Leader

This post is for anyone who wants to build a business. Whether you just opened a bakery and want to sell cupcakes, started a charity organization, or you are working for a company and want to expand your client list. Get in the habit of building value with your clientele. How do I do that Chip? Give away some free stuff. I want to build the donation list for my charity or I want to attract more customers to my business or I want build a better following. Give stuff away for free. Take me for example. I want to help you succeed in any endeavor you choose. So what am I doing. I am giving you these blogs to help you. I love posting these blogs and talking to the people who are interested in becoming a better person. It gives me incredible joy to be able to do this. I love posting on my fan page and my personal page, free videos about networking, how to get people to join your team. There are so many things you can give away. It doesn't have to be your stuff. Give away other peoples stuff that has helped you. I do this all the time. I have people constantly contacting me asking about what I use. And I tell them. I refer them to free stuff that I have kept because I know It will help others and when you help others you build value in yourself. When you build value you will attract a following and you will be branded as a leader. That is what you want. I get contacted by people asking me to join my opportunities and Its amazing that I really don't do much. Get into the habit of giving people more and you will see a greater return. Listen to those who have what you want and you will achieve your desires. DO what they do! Go to other charities and talk to people in charge. What your #1 salesman in action. Go to a bakery that has a line out the door. If your a teacher, look at a teacher in your school that all the students love, pick that teachers brain and become that teacher. Then get out there and help others and you will become the leader everyone wants to follow.

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