Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Complete Professional

I had the privilege of attending a Seminar yesterday by Ron Ball. It was one of the most exciting events I have been to and I am definitely going to another one. He really opened my eyes about various topics of interest. How to make yourself a "sellable package" which is a factor of success. Different Types of Leaders and which one you want to be to maximize your success. Skills you are required to have including how your walk is very powerful, your eyes, and hands. Im trying not to give too much away as people really need to experience it for themselves. Eight Rules to good appearance. Clothing and how it ties into your success. He goes into the power of your business card and how to maximize its potential. The importance of quality over quantity. I mean really powerful stuff. Ron Ball is an Incredible guy and I consider myself luck to have been in his presence (and I made him laugh). I really want to encourage people to check him out. I mean the guy normal charges two thousand dollars for the seminar I went to and you know how much everyone paid? ZERO! And there were over 50 people there. Normally the event would have been packed, however with the events plaguing the east coast in the past few days, a majority of the crowd was unable to attend. I personally believe it was great because it was a more personal setting and really felt as if he was talking to just you, which is by the way, one of his tips he talks about. He really does deserve the success he has and the circle of friends he has is incredible. From Billionaires to Former U.S. Presidents to celebrities he is a great asset of society and I want to encourage anyone and everyone to check out one of his events and I'd be more than happy to show anyone how to attend for free, all it takes is two minutes of your time and now only will you be able to go to one of his events, you will be able to check out some other great speakers as well. I know Im going to be going to another one very soon.

I want to leave you with one final thought. Do not listen to those who tell you to "be yourself." How can you be yourself knowing there are certain things you don't like about yourself. Instead as Socrates said, "know thyself" and when you do you will be able to change what you do not approve of and it is then that you will be able to transform and become what you want and then and only then can you truly be yourself because you are what you want to be.

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