Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Are Your Friends?

Just something to make you think. Really consider the question. Are your friends the type of people who empower you? Do they say you can do it, even when you know it is next to impossible? Are they making strides in their own lives to be what they want to be? In the next five years your income will be the average of your five best friends. Really think about that. And ask yourself who your friends are. Do they go out constantly looking to get drunk or are they working diligently toward their goals? Maybe they are doing both and that is fine, for the time being. It has been my experience that those who want to go out all the time and drink or cant sit at home because they will become bored and depressed have a lot of negative energy within themselves that needs to be released. These people are thinking too much about they things that are going on in their life and you know what, I bet they really aren't thinking about the good things. It has come to my realization that reading is one of the most powerful ways a person can slowly but surely regain control of their life and influence it in a positive more constructive way. Decide right now what you want to do with your life. Even if it is just picking up a new hobby or a career change or furthering the career you have already(which is great if its a career you love). Did you decide? Ok, Now write it down "I want to..." Now look at it and take 30 seconds and see yourself doing that thing and how great it would be if you were there right now. How did you feel? You had to feel really good I bet! If you didn't, well then its just something you can't bring yourself to believe Right Now. OK, now whatever it is go online and do a google search for that career or that hobby. Find someone who has what you want, in this case either the career you want or an expert in the hobby. Make sure this person has proof of the thing you want and learn as much as you can about this person. If they wrote a book or have an autobiography, get it. Have an article online, read it. Did a seminar, check it out. You want to listen to the people who have what you want and have physical proof that what you want is manifested in their lives because those are the people who know how to get it. Go tell your friend who drives a Hyundai That You want a Range Rover and most of them will say, you cant get that, you don't have enough money or you don't have this or that, blah blah blah. Now go to the person who has a Range Rover and tell them you want a Range Rover and they will not doubt that you can get it because they know it is possible themselves. And Remember that everywhere you see a successful person, no matter how many successes they have in their lives, they have ten times as many failures and yet the pushed through and acquired what they wanted.

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