Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pillar Three: The Training/Balance Scale

Well hello again to all my friends. Pillar three is an exciting one because putting this one to use will make your life much easier. Lets see, hmmmmmm, where should I start. 

There are two sides to every scale and this one is no different. The first side is the WHY side and the second side is the HOW side. The why consists of your thoughts and the how consists of your actions. These two sides have many different meanings but the thoughts and actions are basically the two most common terms and right now we want to focus on the basics. Many people believe that you have to have a balance between your thoughts and your actions. I thought this as well. But with the knowledge I have gained throughout my learning experience I have come to realize that your thoughts are 99% of the equation leaving the 1% left in the actions category. What this means is that you do not have to work your behind off to get the things you want. Your thinking is much more important. Just stop for a second and quite your thinking. Most of you cannot do this. That means your mind is constantly going and going rambling on and the fact is that what you are thinking about is shaping your reality. You do not have to believe me. Just look around you and see if you have the life you want. Most of you will say yes I do but we both know that is a defense mechanism. Then some of you will say "No but I gotta work hard for that life" or "no I cant catch a break" or "no I wasn't born rich." It doesn't matter!!!! Its all in your mind! Do this, think of something you want, that is very very small, a flower for example. How about a Pink rose with yellow tips. That is very unique, so it manifesting in your life will make you think "hmmm Chip is on to something." Now relax and close your eyes(or leave them open) and think about having this pink rose in your hands...think about what it looks like. Think about what neat little package it came in. Think about it from as many angles as you can and most importantly, imagine how you would feel with this pink rose in your possession. Think about it for about a minute. Most of you will be smiling after this exercise and that is great because you are on the right track. For those of you who feel like it wont happen, well then we have some work to do because for you to care to think that it wont happen that means a few things. One, your in your head trying to figure out how you are gonna get a pink rose and two you actually care enough to feel its not gonna happen. The few of you who do this exercise and feel happy after and then go about your day with not a care about getting the rose will see in your future that rose. It could happen 2 days from now, it could happen 2 months from now. Remember, contrary to what you've been told, your thoughts are more important than your actions. Try this exercise with other things as well. Remember this is just a scratch of the information. There is a lot of in-depth information that will make this process work much better. Let me know how it goes.
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