Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pillar Two: What’s your Teachability Index?

I am not going to fluff this up for you so I will just get to the point. The teachability index really defines how successful you will be.
Two Parts:
1. Willingness to learn.
2. Willingness to accept change.
Determining on a scale of 1 – 10 where you fall in each of those categories, you take them both and multiply them and the resulting number is your teachability index. EXAMPLE. Willingness to learn: 7 Willingness to accept change: 9. 9×7=63
Therefore you have a 63% chance of achieving success.
Determine you teachability index right now by asking yourself what is your willingness to learn and change. Do you hit a road block and give up? This is low willingness to learn. Do you listen to something someone says and say no no no thats not right. Thats low willingness to accept change. Look at your life right now and notice around you that if you do not have what you want then chances are you index is low. If your on your way to getting what you want then know that it is pretty high. This index fluctuates and it is up to you to recognize a decline in your index and taking the appropriate steps to raising the bar to as close to 100% as you can.
Tips to build your teachability index. First decide what it is you want and then go on a quest and learn as much as you can without being biased about any information you attain. Take the info for what it is worth and if its works for the successful then it will work for you. Second, be willing to change your views about things, regardless of what they may be. Understand that there are a variety of ways to do the same thing and there is always one way that is better for you but that doesn’t mean it will be better for someone else.
I am constantly learning more about this one subject and will continue to do so. You can find more of this information at globalinformationnetwork.com where they actually teach you how to manifest the life you want quicker that you thought possible and with out the fluff that you hear from most gurus. Don’t take my word for it. I was referred to the website by a gentleman who told me the same thing I am telling you and I joined (because it is free to join and get limited access) and I appreciate that he was able to point me to this website.
If you are interest in joining, you will need a code to join. I can provide you with that. or use my email address and if will give you access to the information on the inside. See everyone soon
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