Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs!?!?

We all have them. Whether you know it or not you do have them. I have read a bunch of stuff on this topic and ways to get rid of limiting beliefs or trapped emotions or fears that hold you back from life. I am always ready to learn more about all of these things and how to get rid of them. A lot of people dismiss the idea of spirituality and do not believe that limits are placed upon themselves because of what they believe or were told. It is always something outside of them that is responsible for why they cant do something or why they don't have something. When you take accountability for everything that has happened in your life you are able to begin a transformation to become what you desire.

Some methods that will help.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique was originally created by Dr. Roger Callahan and later enhanced by Dr. Gary Craig. What EFT does is it takes the emotion that you feel toward something or the fear you have and it practically eliminates it. They have done amazing work and have helps thousands of people with their procedure. It is really simple and can be learned online. It involves tapping on certain points of the body while simultaneously reciting a few phrases and feeling the emotion/fear you would like to remove.

The Emotion Code- This is a great one and I encourage everyone to get this book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. What he teaches is similar to EFT. He emphasizes the use of muscle testing to determine underlying negative emotions and has a procedure to eliminate them.

Im not really sure how to explain the next one but here it goes. Look inside yourself and begin to realize that everything in your life, what you feel, see, taste, hear, smell, is in your life because you created it. What that means is that every negative occurrence that appears in your life, you created! Man its a weird concept to understand. So if you have a person you are in constant arguments in your life, you created it. If there is someone in your family that bothers you, for whatever reason, you created it. Lets cut it there as Im sure you get the idea. The best way to eliminate this negative energy is to apologize and love yourself. Just think about that thing that bothers you and say "im sorry" and "I love you" over and over...and watch the negative energy disappear. Now sometimes it happens after a few seconds, sometimes it takes a few minutes. No one said you have to sit there for a few hours and repeat over and over the phrases. Do it every now and again and then check with yourself and see how you feel about that person, event, or circumstance that was bothering. Little by little you will notice that it becomes less and less of a bother to you till eventually it vanishes.

The best part is, it was someone who was bothering you, you will notice that your relationship with that person gets better and better until ahhhhhhhh.

There are a bunch of testimonials about the about three procedures so don't take my word for it, unless you want to.

Finally, I would like to say that the sooner you acknowledge you have negative limiting beliefs, the quicker you can focus on eliminating them and watch your life transform. I constantly am working on this myself and have found a lot of information that helps. I am more than willing to share a script that was written to help eliminate limiting beliefs. Please contact me if you are interested and I will shoot you an email. The Script takes about one minute to read and it all you do is plug in a few words here and there which relate to your belief.

Please comment below if you have used this sort of stuff and what your thoughts are and your successes with it. Thank You

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