Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pillar One: Who Do You Listen To?

You listen to people who have what you want! They have it and you can see they have it. They have the physical proof that what they wanted has manifested in their lives. So what does that mean? Well look at all the gurus out there. Do they really have all they want? Im not sure if they do. A lot of that information ‘sounds’ pretty good, but has that information worked for the author or teacher of that information? The people who are teaching you are teaching you in theory and do not have the evidence in their lives.Some will say they do, but do they really? Judge for yourself. Granted that some do enjoy teaching the knowledge they learn. But do they really actually have the deep desires/dreams or did they say I don’t want that anymore because they couldn’t see it coming true. Anything is possible. You can have be and do anything and everything you want. It starts within you. Get control of those random thoughts in your mind and focus you mind on what you want. Now who do you listen to? To the guy on the corner giving you tips to live a better life? How about to the the successful person out there who has the thing you desire. If you are broke and want a Range Rover, go tell your friend who drives a honda and knows your situation and what will he say? “Thats ridiculous man, you gotta have a plan to get that.” But if you say you want the Range to a person who already has one, that person will tell you that you can have it, because that person will remember when they wanted one and look at them now. Find people who have what you want and just pick their brain. People are more willing to help than you think. Now how do we listen to these people? One way is by watching them do they thing you want, whether that be a skill or learning a craft. Watch how they do it then get to in start mimicking them and you’ll get better and better.
So I ask you again, who do YOU listen to?

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