Friday, August 12, 2011

Generate MLM Leads Quickly and Easily and Automatically

An issue I have been informed of is a lot of MLM businesses have difficulty generating leads for their primary business opportunity. Well here is a little tip. Stop asking people to sign up! Especially when you do not even know them. I have been emailed hundreds of times and contacted by people who do not even know me and they ask me "hey do you want to sign up for my opportunity, you can make a lot of money." It makes me laugh when I think about it and these MLMers wonder why they are struggling. There are over 60 million network marketers in the world and about 5% of these people are making a lot of money. No I know that the number one rule to being successful is to listen to people who have what you want and that is why I have a system in place that generates leads on command for me. Sure I pay $50 dollars per month for it. What is $50 when it returns $50,000 per month? Too many people invest way too much money for stuff they think they need. What NEEDS to be done is mastering the basics. Generating Leads is really simple. Find a leader and replicate their process. If they are making $50,000 a month then chances are their system is the reason for this. I have looked at many of the top leaders and read a bunch of stuff on these leaders and the consistent thing among them all is the system they use to Generate Leads On Demand. Why would you call or email someone who doesn't know you to pitch them an idea they could care less about. You have to bring them value! Give them something they want. In this case, with regard to Network MLMers, they want information on how to build their business. I cant tell you how many times I have spoken to people and not once do I promote my primary opportunity. Yet before the end of the call or chat session i'm always asked about it. Why do you think that is? Well hmmmm, I do love helping out anyone who wishes to be led in the right direction. I know I would want that in return if I was in their place. You have to build a relationship with everyone you touch. Its not about the money, its about the rapport you build and that is what people want and is a contributing factor when it comes to them joining your team. Do you think they want someone who signs them up and then says hey, your on your own? Talk to your teammates, get to know them on a personal level. Find out their goals and help them see that goal is possible. Be a leader that cares more about your team and you will be a leader with a loyal following. Below are some products that the top producers use and recommend:
Lead Generating System
How To Attract People to Your Downline
Automatic Email Responder System
Thats all you need to start building your downline. Three things. Sure there are a bunch of other products I have purchased that have given me an edge and I share what I have learned from those products with my downline. These Three things generate the leads, respond to them, and teach you how to attract them to you through your system.

The Last thing I would like to say is that I am a believer in the Law Of Attraction and whether YOU believe in it or not, it shapes your reality which is why I am a member of The Global Information Network. An organization that teaches how to harness the power of the Law Of Attraction to be do and have anything and everything you want in your life. And as the blogs keep rolling out, I will be revealing some of the wonderful things in my life that have occurred because of the education I receive from a group of people who want to change the world.

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