Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Using The Law of Attraction to Attract Money

Many people don't believe in the Law of Attraction but people would like to attract money like a magnet if that was possible. Unfortunately, there are people who see a bleak future in the years ahead. The irony of it all is that some people still sail through the rough waters of life with such happy and contented countenances, which is basically one of the products of abundance.

The Quest for Abundance

Unfortunately, for many folks out there believe attracting money and living in abundance only comes straight out of a fairy tale or even out of a movie like The Pursuit of Happiness. Now some would say that that movie is a portrayal of a fluke.

Not everyone can turn things around like Chris Gardner from being a homeless guy to a wealthy stock broker. Would you agree? The movie, Pursuit of Happiness, featured Gardner's life changing pursuit for abundance. Far fetched? Not likely–because it happened.

Yes, it happened. No matter how many people want to say the events that took place were not real, abundant living came to Chris Gardner. The fascinating thing is that it didn't happen to him only. There is a brotherhood, if you wish to call it that, of people who were and still are attracting abundance into their lives.

The Proverbial Questions

Now is the time to ask the proverbial questions: "Is it possible to bring abundance into my life? Will I be able to attract money?" The short and simple answer to these questions is: Yes, it can happen–it is possible.

The follow up question to that is "If it is possible, how can I do it?" The answer is to understand the Law of Attraction. If you want to know how to attract abundance and bring in money then understand and practice the concepts of that law. The Latin phrase "scientia est potentia" or "knowledge is power" comes to mind quickly.

Abundance and Money

Notice that we have not thus far equated abundance with money, though these two things can indeed be attracted by anyone. People might ask if there is a difference between abundance and having lots and lots of money. Let's dig a little deeper in order to differentiate these two things.

Answer this question: If you won a million dollars in the lottery today, do you think you already have enough? Many people will answer yes and will even volunteer their ideas on how they would like to spend this money.

However, they don't notice that having that much money will never be enough. In fact, if one looks into the very things people say they will do with a million dollars, it would be noticeable that they can do the very same thing now using their current savings only on a smaller scale.

Abundance is concerned with how one views things–i.e. one's paradigm. Money on the other hand is an object that can come along with abundance. The latter follows the former.

Understanding the Law of Attraction requires a paradigm shift. If people really think deep down inside that they don't have enough given the finances they currently have, then they will never really have enough even if they win more than a million dollars.

Having your paradigm fixated on not having enough will always result in just that – not having enough. In order to attract abundance and the money that can come along with it, people must see the abundance in their lives now. Counting the blessings that life has given you now will eventually reel in the other pieces of good fortune that comes with it. That is but a small piece of the puzzle known as the Law Of Attraction.

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