Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Law Of Attraction

Ahhh this is a fun topic. The law of attraction whether you believe it or not is a law of our universe. I know you guys want things in life and you know how to get them. You gotta do this or you gotta do that. How about just use your mind. Go ahead and look up the definition of the law of attraction. Here, i'll save you the work. Law Of Attraction = That to which is of itself is attracted. Or like attracts like. Or in the sense of your mind, whatever you put out, you get back. Now think about all the things that happened in your life that weren't good at all?!? Ouch, you thought that into your reality....And the good things as well....The great part is, you can choose what thoughts you want to think.

Choose to think good thoughts. If a bad thought pops in your head, change the channel and think good thoughts. Try this if your feeling bad. Look up and smile.'ll start to laugh. If you don't, you are trying to hard...just allow it to happen. Now, with me when I did that for the first time it was so cool. Check for yourself and see how quick you can shift from feeling bad to feeling good.

Its only a decision away.

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