Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Relationship You Want To Have.

Hey Everyone I am reminded of a wonderful story a friend told me a while back and You know what's interesting? Is how people can feel totally comfortable, safe and real close to someone.
Two years ago I was talking to one of my friends about how you can easily feel comfortable around another person, and it was interesting what she had to say.
She told me that she remembered a time when she met a guy who made her feel differently about him than she normally would around a guy, and how fascinating and intriguing that feeling is.
She said it was a feeling that most women dream of
… a feeling that they fantasize and think about having all the time. It’s a feeling like no other that causes you to develop a closer bond with this person than anyone you’ve ever met before.
And she described to me how it felt. She said it was like you are just there, looking at him. And the more he talks, the more you become fascinated, and enthralled with every word he speaks.
And as you’re doing that, you begin to feel this warm sensation building in the pit of your belly
… and that warmth just clicks, and connects you to this person in such a way that you just feel completely and totally drawn to this person.
And as all that’s happening, you find yourself saying to yourself on the inside of your head ““wow, he’s someone I just have to get to know better. Someone I just have to get to know more and more.””
And she said that’’s when you can relax comfortably and easily find yourself making that kind of incredible connection.
Now, with me, I can’t say that I feel the same way she does. Men are different. But I do find that the more you spend time with this person, the stronger that bond and feeling begins to grow to the point where you can just STOP…
And just imagine a time in the future, say 10 years from now still feeling that strong and incredible bond with this person, and look back at right now as being the start of it.

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